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Stealing Sheep announce new album, Wow Machine

By | Published on Thursday 5 May 2022

Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep have announced new album ‘Wow Machine’, featuring music originally written for an installation at the Great Exhibition Of The North in 2018. The new recording of that work has been commissioned as the first release of Both Sides Records, a label launched by Brighter Sound’s music industry gender equality initiative Both Sides Now.

“We’ve been inspired by the ‘Sisters With Transistors’, a group of radical women who used technology to push the boundaries of music”, say the band. “Without the representation of these musicians, we would have struggled to picture ourselves in these roles”.

“The music was written in our home studios and came to life as a live installation at the Great Exhibition Of The North with a mechanical light-up stage and robotic dance performers”, they go on. “This had a big impact on how we wrote the music as we created a listening experience that is intended to transport an audience and take them on a journey”.

‘Wow Machine’ is set for release on 24 Jun. First single, ‘Never Gonna Live Up’, is out now. Listen here: