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Susanne Sundfør to send in new LP, Ten Love Songs

By | Published on Monday 27 October 2014

Susanne Sundfør

A one-time CMU Artist Of The Year, Norwegian songbird-songwriter Susanne Sundfør is soon (on 16 Feb 2015, that is) to release her fifth LP, ‘Ten Love Songs’. Despite featuring link-ins with past collaborators like M83’s Anthony Gonzalez, Röyksopp and Jaga Jazzist’s Lars Horntveth, and also the Trondheimsolistene Chamber Ensemble, it is, at heart, an intrinsically ‘solo’ record, with Sundfør taking on the body of its arrangements.

Writing an introductory note to the album, Sundfør says: “To me, love isn’t always what it seems. When I first started to work on the album, I wanted to make an album about violence, and then, as I was writing the songs, there were violent aspects, but they were usually about love or relationships, how you connect with other people. And in the end, that turned out to be ten love songs”.

And pointing to the tone of the LP’s ten minute midpoint, ‘Memorial’, which is perhaps its most candid and emotionally-defenceless track, she adds: “People try to describe their emotions with numbers today, and in terms of science, which I feel is like the religion of today. It is very taboo to be a vulnerable person. It’s almost like the biggest weakness today is to be a human being, because everything around us is about perfection, as if we’re trying to be like robots”.

Read this 2013 CMU interview to get a glance into Sundfør’s state of mind circa her last LP, ‘The Silicone Veil’, and find one of the ‘Ten Love Songs’ – ‘Fade Away’ – here:

Oh and this is the album’s official tracklisting:

Fade Away
Trust Me