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TFI Friday to return for eight edition series

By | Published on Wednesday 24 June 2015

Chris Evans

So following its nostalgia-filled one-off return to telly screens earlier this month, ‘TFI Friday’ is returning to Channel 4 for an eight edition new series later this year.

Confirming that the show was returning for a full outing, Channel 4’s Creative Officer Jay Hunt told reporters: “Chris is the best of the best of live broadcasters and I never doubted for a moment that this ‘TFI’ would live up to expectations. Confirming a series was a no-brainer”.

Meanwhile host Chris Evans said: “Oh my goodness, are we really going to get to do this again? Looks like it – and leading into Christmas too. I might actually spontaneously explode on live television due to over excited-ness. Does that still count as unpredictable cos I’ve said it now?” No, it doesn’t.

Back in the day ‘TFI Friday’ was an important platform for labels keen to get new artists and new releases in front of a sizeable TV audience, and providing the new version of the show isn’t just a channel for promoting the recent ‘TFI Friday The Album’ and its tracklisting of 90s nonsense, then pluggers could be lining up to secure a slot for their acts on the returning show.

A five-day-a-week breakfast show and ‘TFI’ every Friday, on top of ‘Top Gear’ and ‘One Show’ commitments for Evans, what could possibly go wrong? Has anyone checked if Mark Radcliffe is ready to be flown in when it goes tits up?