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The Darkness lay into Southern Trains on new single

By | Published on Tuesday 26 September 2017

The Darkness

There are those who will tell you that the protest song is dead, with modern artists afraid to step forward and air their true feelings. But those people clearly haven’t heard the new Darkness song tearing Southern Trains a new one.

Taken from upcoming new album ‘Pinewood Smile’, due out on 6 Oct, the track ‘Southern Trains’ takes everyone’s* least favourite railway company to task. The band accuse the company of causing “major delays, cancellations, tedious conversations” with “heaving carriages of indignation”.

“This song has genuine realness in it, innit”, says the band’s Justin Hawkins. “Dan [Hawkins] and I had to endure the Southern Trains ‘services’ during the making of this album. The only difference between a normal day on Southern Trains and a day when they’re all on strike, is that on strike day the arse clownery is deliberate. They are utterly incapable of running a reliable service. Fact. The rest of the world is laughing at us. I hope this song goes some way towards facilitating change”.

Imagine if, after everything, this song was actually the thing that tipped the balance and turned Southern Trains into an actual, functioning train company. Imagine if this was all that was required, all along.

Watch the video for the song, created using those Snapchat filters all the kids are talking about, here:

*Actually everyone in the whole world living or dead