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Tour date cancellations lead to rumours The Wanted may be dropped

By | Published on Monday 16 December 2013

The Wanted

So, are The Wanted about to be dropped by Universal Music? Well, the gossipers reckon that the boyband’s future with the mega-major is at least in doubt following the lacklustre performance of their third album ‘Word Of Mouth’, which has been “a massive flop” according to the Daily Star.

Of course by normal record industry standards, having shifted 40,000 units of their new LP in six weeks in just the UK would constitute success, though when you’re constantly compared with One Direction, whose latest album sold more than that in a day, and which – according to the Star – sold more in the UK in a week than The Wanted managed worldwide in six, well, the goalposts are differently situated.

But whether that would actually mean Universal parting company with the Global Radio-managed group remains to be seen. The doom and gloom rumours may stem from other gossip that the announcement last week that The Wanted were cancelling the mainland Europe leg of their 2014 tour due to “scheduling problems” was code for “really shouldn’t have booked this band in venues this big problems”.

Whether or not you buy that all this is going to result in The Wanted boys being dropped, here’s some words from the Star’s boy-band source: “Despite high hopes that The Wanted would rival One Direction as worldwide stars, it just hasn’t happened. ‘Word Of Mouth’ has proved a monumental flop which has just about sealed their fate”.

Said source goes on: “The album was a disaster from start to finish. It had no direction and was delayed for over a year due to problems. No final decision has been made, but all promo for the album has been scrapped and no more singles are planned. There are also no plans to reschedule the cancelled European tour dates”.