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Tuned Global partners on new child-friendly streaming service

By | Published on Monday 6 June 2022

Gabb Music

B2B streaming company Tuned Global last week announced a partnership with US-based mobile provider for children – Gabb Wireless – to help launch a new streaming service aimed at kids.

The idea is that, with Gabb Music, users can only access child-friendly tracks. That is achieved via Tuned Global’s integration with lyrics data platform LyricFind and the phone firm’s own AI filtration system.

Tuned Global explains that it delivers a “rights-cleared music catalogue from rightsholders to Gabb’s system including LyricFind’s song IDs. Gabb then uses LyricFind’s innovative data analysis and content filtering tool, LyricIQ, which is able to sort and rank lyrics based on 31 categories pertaining to profanity, sex, violence, drugs, politics and more”.

“Using these two industry-leading tools and their own filtering system”, it goes on, “Gabb is able to remove inappropriate lyrical content from Gabb Music, making it a safe streaming service for parents and their kids”.

Commenting on the partnership with Gabb, Tuned Global MD Con Raso says: “The Tuned Global team loves working on innovative streaming services that are bringing something new to the market. Gabb Music is catering for a specific audience with highly curated content. We strongly believe that these types of niche services can live alongside mainstream music services and continue to help grow the industry”.

Meanwhile, Gabb Wireless CEO Nate Randle adds: “Gabb Wireless needed the best-in-class music solution providers to build Gabb Music. We have high expectations in terms of music content, user experience, and the responsiveness of the service. Partnering with Tuned Global and LyricFind gives us the opportunity to deliver a premium family experience that kids and parents will want to listen to”.