Twitter acquires We Are Hunted, developing music app

By | Published on Thursday 14 March 2013


Twitter is launching a new music discovery app, according to C-Net, utilising the technology of music discovery service We Are Hunted, which it apparently acquired last year.

The new app, which could be available for iOS devices by the end of the month, will suggest music for users to listen to based on various criteria, including what feeds the user follows on the Twitter platform. Within the app – which can also be used without a Twitter account – users will see four tabs offering lists of personalised suggestions, most popular tunes, new talent and songs being played by the tweeters they follow.

Users will then be able to play music from recommended artists from within the app, though at launch the choice will be either iTunes previews or SoundCloud streams, ie none of the established streaming services are integrated.

Assuming previews aren’t attractive to most, that puts the onus on SoundCloud, which in turn puts the onus on the artist or label to post tracks to the audio platform, because obviously SoundCloud doesn’t licence any music directly (it also creates issues where there are multiple rights owners, as SoundCloud is a promotional rather than royalty paying service).