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UK Eurovision contenders unveiled

By | Published on Thursday 24 January 2019

Eurovision Song Contest

The six contenders competing to represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest have been announced. They include someone who came seventh in the 2017 series of ‘X Factor’ and the winner of a BBC One talent show ‘All Together Now’. Whatever that is.

In an attempt to make the selection process more interesting, this year the BBC has decided to both simplify and complicate it at the same time. There are six contenders, but only three songs. So there are two versions of each song. Each version will be pitted against the other, then an overall winner will be selected from the remaining three.

So, the contenders…

‘X Factor’ runner-up (of sorts) Holly Tandy and winner of ‘All Together Now’ Michael Rice, will each perform the song ‘Bigger Than Us’.

Then there’s Jordan Clarke, who – like pretty much everyone now – has been on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, and girl group Maid, who will appear in a live action remake of ‘Aladdin’ directed by Guy Ritchie next year. Wait, what? Really? Ah well, before that they’ll both perform the song ‘Freaks’ in a bid to get to Eurovision 2019.

Finally, there’s another (even less successful) former ‘X Factor’ contestant, Kerrie-Anne Phillips, and Anisa Moghaddam, who actually seems to have had some success, so probably shouldn’t be doing this. They’ve done versions of a song called ‘Sweet Lies’.

We, the lucky public, will be able to vote for our favourite song and performer – but possibly not both – when this year’s ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ is broadcast on BBC One on 8 Feb. Listen to all the songs in their various forms here.