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UK Music urges music community to vote in upcoming General Election

By | Published on Friday 1 November 2019

UK Music

UK Music is urging UK people who work in music in any capacity to ensure that they are registered to vote in the upcoming general election on 12 Dec. The trade body highlights a number of “critical issues” facing the music industry, including big bad Brexit, that could be sorted out if we just stop letting total bastards run the country (I may be paraphrasing a little bit there).

“Music makes a huge contribution to our economy, our local communities and Britain’s soft power internationally”, says UK Music CEO Michael Dugher. “It also brings enjoyment to millions of people every day and it has the power to change lives for the better. There are critical issues at stake for everyone who cares about the future of music in the UK, including the thousands of people working in Britain’s world-leading music business”.

He continues: “If you’re concerned about the impact of Brexit, if you are worried about the future of our grassroots music venues, if you want to safeguard our talent pipeline by ensuring that music is accessible to people of every background, it’s vital that your voice is heard. We urge all music creators and everyone working in music to ensure that they are registered to vote so that they can have their say in what will be a crucial general election”.

You can register to vote right here, if you’re not already. It barely takes any time at all and makes you 17% more attractive.