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Wiley and Stormzy fire off new year diss tracks

By | Published on Tuesday 7 January 2020


The new year has seen an escalation of the beef between Wiley and Stormzy that has been brewing over the last few months – largely thanks to the stubborn persistence of Wiley. And as of yesterday, there are now diss tracks on both sides.

Wiley has been firing off insults at all manner of younger grime MCs in recent months, many of them because they’ve collaborated – or are in some other way associated – with Ed Sheeran. He’s really got a bee in his bonnet about Ed Sheeran. Although his writing off of anyone who has worked with the pop star seemingly only applies to more recent collaborations, he himself having released the track ‘You’ with Sheeran in 2011.

Anyway, things all ramped up on New Year’s Day, when Wiley was doing some Stormzy dissing on Twitter. An exasperated Stormzy replied, “I love you so much but you are so annoying, fucking hell”. He later added, “all I’ve done is love and respect you. Leave me alone, you weirdo”.

The “love and respect” Stormzy has shown Wiley extends to recent single ‘Wiley Flow’, which also features on his new album ‘Heavy Is The Head’ (quite close to a collaboration with Ed Sheeran). Apparently Wiley’s having none of this, referencing it on his diss track, ‘Eediyat Skengman’, which emerged days after the Twitter exchange.

Rapping over the instrumental of his 2018 track ‘Bring Them All/Holy Grime’, Wiley says: “It’s not homage, looking like a sly one/I know when a brudda and a label join together and they try one/they all copy me, they want some of my one”.

Elsewhere, he brings up Sheeran, rapping: “You never cared about grime, you just used it/Worse than Ed with your watered down music”.

Stormzy appeared to be staying quiet on the matter, but yesterday hit back with his own track, ‘Disappointed’. Using the instrumental version of Headie One and RV’s ‘Know Better’, he’s now told Wiley, “I’m not mad, ‘I’m just disappointed”.

He adds: “Oi Wiley’s a prick cos he loves to talk shit, then he sobers up and then begs it/I’m so big that the only thing bigger than me last year was Brexit”.

As well as that, on the track he claims responsibility for the resurgence of grime and, while rapping over a UK drill beat, proclaims himself the king of the genre. He also finishes by blowing a raspberry. So that’s fun.

Wiley has already teased that he has another Stormzy diss track ready to go, so this whole thing could go on for some time yet.