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Women spend more on music than men, says new survey

By | Published on Friday 9 December 2011

IPC Media

With the perceived importance of the good old ’50 quid man’ on record sales, you might be surprised to know that, according to new research by IPC Media, women are bigger spenders on music than men, though only when tickets and merch are taken into consideration.

The new survey by the NME and Uncut publisher found that while the average man spends more than the average woman buying actual recordings (£381 versus £327), women spend more on live music and merchandise, so overall they spend £803 on music products, versus the £793 the blokes lay out.

Though, I suppose we should note, that’s only a £10 difference, which could probably be explained away by statistical anomalies, possibly meaning there’s no real gender difference. But hey, that would make me writing this story a waste of time, so pretend I didn’t say that.

Elsewhere in the Great British Music Survey – “an extensive study of British music listening and consumption” according to IPC – are claims that Britons spend on average 51 days a year listening to music, that 82% of Brits don’t go a single day without listening to some songs, that radio and personal recommendation are the most important music discovery routes, and that 61% of us talk to our friends at least once a week about musical matters.

I prefer to talk to my friends about what Amanda Wigginton Director Of Insight at IPC Media has been saying of late, so you can imagine how excited I am about the next paragraph. Needless to say, the following two sentences will be dominating my pub chatter tonight.

Says Wigginton: “Music is a massive part of our lives in this country and this survey shows both men and women are huge fans. It’s interesting to see that men are spending more to build their music collections whereas women part with more cash to soak up the live experience”.