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Young Thug sues over lost bag

By | Published on Monday 18 October 2021

Young Thug

Young Thug is suing the owners and management company of an Atlanta apartment complex after a member of staff there handed a bag of his belongings – the contents of which he claims were worth over a million dollars – to a stranger.

If you are wondering how one bag could possibly be worth more than a million dollars, well here is the maths. The Louis Vuitton bag – itself worth $2500 – contained $40,000 in cash, a watch worth $57,000, a chain worth $37,000, and a hard drive containing around 200 unreleased songs, which the rapper says in his lawsuit has a value of at least $1 million. You know, all the normal stuff you’d carry around with you in a bag.

Said bag was in the possession of the building’s concierge because – after returning to his apartment in the complex last November – the rapper accidentally left the bag in the carpark. Another resident noticed the stray luggage and informed the concierge, prompting a member of staff to come and collect it, stowing it safely in a secure area. The staff member suspected it belonged to Young Thug because of the vehicle it had been left next to. So far so good.

A note was then placed on the bag saying that it should not be removed without first contacting the concierge manager, so that they could verify that it was being returned to its rightful owner. However, later that evening a member of staff handed it to an unknown person, who – along with the bag – has never been seen again.

“I can say that we have not received any satisfactory explanation from the property management or ownership as to how [Young Thug’s] property was not returned to him”, the rapper’s attorney Charles Hoffecker tells Law360. “To our knowledge, the songs have not been illegally released on any platform or otherwise”.

Young Thug claims that building owner JLB Peachtree Management and management company Pegasus Residential breached their duty to protect the property of residents. Even property that has been left unattended in a carpark. He is seeking compensation for the full value of the contents of the bag. Neither company has yet commented on the case.