Nov 30, 2023 1 min read

BIMM University launches AI-centric course

BIMM University has announced a new course focused on the “interplay between human creativity and AI” - with Google’s Cloud AI Leader Warren Barkley appointed as a Visiting Professor

BIMM University launches AI-centric course

BIMM University - which includes the BIMM music colleges as well as film, theatre and dance schools - has announced the launch of a new course focused on the impact of AI on the creative industries.

Under the banner AI_Labs, BIMM says that the new course will "cover areas including interplay between human creativity and AI, AI in music composition, AI in film and media, AI-driven artistic performances, plus so much more".

As part of the new course, BIMM has also announced Warren Barkley - Cloud AI Leader at Google - as a new Visiting Professor.

He says: “The synergy between AI and the creative industries is undeniable. From enhancing music composition to revolutionising visual arts, the application of machine learning to creative industries opens a new world for artists of all types".

"I am honoured", he goes on, "to be part of BIMM University’s visionary approach in preparing the next generation of creatives to harness the power of AI while preserving the authenticity of their art".

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