Apr 18, 2024 2 min read

Black Lives In Music launches bullying and harassment survey

A new survey on bullying and harassment has been launched by Black Lives In Music, set to be used by the organisation itself and the UK government. The research is necessary, says chief exec Charisse Beaumont, because currently “data, especially from underrepresented groups, just doesn’t exist”

Black Lives In Music launches bullying and harassment survey

Black Lives In Music has launched a new survey on bullying and harassment in the music industry. Anonymous data collected in the YourSafetyYourSay survey will inform the organisation’s own Anti Racist Code of Conduct, as well as the work of the new Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority, and legislation developed by the UK government’s Department Of Culture, Media And  Sport.

BLiM says that, since publishing its ‘Being Black In The Music Industry’ report in 2021, it has been “inundated” with calls for support from people who have experienced numerous forms of bullying and harassment. 

“We are flooded with stories from people who have experienced bullying and (sexual) harassment in the music industry”, says chief exec Charisse Beaumont in a statement. “They are shocking and it’s clear that high profile cases in the media are the tip of an iceberg. It can happen to anyone and it is often rooted in misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia and more”.

Referencing the recent ‘Misogyny In Music’ inquiry carried out by the UK Parliament’s Women And Equalities Committee - which found that sexual harassment and abuse is “endemic” and underreported in the music industry - Beaumont adds, “Bullying and harassment is normalised in the music industry, as shown by the ‘Misogyny In Music’ inquiry. To turn the inquiry findings into action, we need the information”.

“The data, especially from underrepresented groups, just doesn’t exist”, she continues. “The bullying and harassment survey will be a comprehensive survey to capture everyone’s voices, especially those rarely heard. We need to understand what is really going on behind closed doors so we can tailor interventions”.

Supporting the launch of the research, musician VV Brown comments, "The YourSafetyYourSay survey is needed to help eradicate discrimination, bullying and harassment in the music industry, especially towards black and POC individuals, and to have somewhere to report these incidents. This is such important work, and I fully support Black Lives In Music’s valiant work, and urge those comfortable to share their stories”.

On their own experiences, rock duo Nova Twins say, “We have to acknowledge the barriers faced by POC talent within the music industry. Far too often, black musicians and industry professionals encounter bullying and harassment, stifling their voices and existence. Discriminatory labels limit our creativity and opportunities, hindering our ability to thrive”.

“Hearing from other artists like us with very similar experiences, both independent and on majors, has been eye-opening”, they go on. “These hurdles, and plenty more like them, could've easily held us back from reaching our full potential. It's a story too many of us share. That’s why the YourSafetyYourSay survey is a vital step towards amplifying marginalised voices, uncovering untold stories that need to be heard”.

Find out more and complete the survey here.

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