Oct 24, 2023 1 min read

Boomy announces alliance with Beatdapp to counter stream manipulation

Music generation platform Boomy has announced an integration with Beatdapp to combat stream manipulation, having been temporarily cut off by Spotify earlier this year because of “patterns of artificial streaming”

Boomy announces alliance with Beatdapp to counter stream manipulation

AI-powered music generation platform Boomy has announced an alliance with Beatdapp, a company that provides tools to identify streaming fraud.

The "forward-looking collaboration", we are told, will see Boomy use Beatdapp's technology to stop anyone from using its platform to participate in stream manipulation.

Boomy allows people to “create original songs in seconds” and then distribute them to the streaming services. But earlier this year it confirmed that Spotify had temporarily stopped accepted new tracks from Boomy and had also removed some previous releases.

Spotify then confirmed that that was because it had identified “patterns of artificial streaming” in relation to some Boomy-generated tracks, ie Boomy users were using stream manipulation tools to boost the plays of their tracks in order to pull more royalties out of the system. The tie-up with Beatdapp is presumably a move to stop that from happening again.

“Boomy supports a new creative class of technology-enabled musicians and we are dedicated to providing them with the best possible experience by ensuring the integrity of our platform”, say Boomy co-Founders Alex Mitchell and Matthew Santorelli.

“Achieving Beatdapp certification”, they continue, “and leveraging its technology will provide certainty to [streaming services], allow our artists to be paid for their authentic streams, and help and support the long-term health of the creative economy".

Beatdapp’s co-CEO’s Andrew Batey and Morgan Hayduk add: “We are THRILLED to partner with the Boomy team, who shares our commitment to creating a transparent and equitable landscape for the next generation of musicians".

"Combating streaming fraud is among the most important priorities for the music industry today", they go on, "with artificial streams extracting more than $2 billion from the industry annually, harming both artists and labels. By combining our technology with Boomy's platform, we aim to safeguard the interests of Boomy creators and usher in a new era of trust within the music streaming landscape".

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