Oct 30, 2023 2 min read

CMU presents sessions at Vill Vill Vest 2023

CMU presents three sessions as part of the conference at Vill Vill Vest in Bergen, Norway this year, looking at dance music's impact on communities and culture, how to maximising the rights of music-makers and how to take Norwegian artists into the UK

CMU presents sessions at Vill Vill Vest 2023

CMU returns to the Vill Vill Vest showcase festival and music conference in Bergen, Norway next week, this time presenting three sessions as part of the conference programme.

On Thursday 9 Nov at 11am, we will put the spotlight on 'Dance Music's Impact On Communities And Culture'. Dance music shapes our communities, positively impacting on health, wellbeing and happiness, and powering every corner of popular culture.

Earlier this year, researchers from the University Of Leeds and University Of Central Lancashire collaborated with the Night Time Industries Association and Association For Electronic Music on a new report reviewing and synthesising academic research that demonstrates the depth and value of dance music. The lead author, James Cannon, will present key findings - and then join CMU's Chris Cooke to discuss what the wider music industry can learn from the study.

Also on Thursday 9 Nov, at midday, we will host the session 'Maximising The Rights Of Music-Makers', posing the question: "As streaming and user-generated content platforms create new income streams and the music industry explores Web3, the metaverse and AI, how can artists and songwriters protect their rights and make money?"

CMU will run through the different rights and revenues provided by copyright, as well as the importance of publicity rights and trademarks. Then Rachael Heely from law firm Simkins and music rights expert Becky Brook will offer guidance for artists, writers and their business partners on how to navigate digital music's evolving landscape and seize the opportunities.

Finally, on Friday 10 Nov at midday, we present 'Connecting Music Markets: Taking Artists Into The UK'. What do artists and their business partners need to know in order to pursue new opportunities in new markets? Putting the spotlight in particular on the UK market, we will be joined by Jess Patridge, Ben Blackburn and Henriette Heimdal to discuss their work supporting Norwegian and other international artists as they seek new opportunities in the UK.

What know-how and contacts do you need - and what support is available? And what challenges do artists face as they seek to build a fanbase and do business in a new country?

For more information on the full Vill Vill Vest programme this year click below.

Vill Vill Vest er en nasjonal musikk- og bransjefestival som arrangeres i Bergen hver høst. Festivalen består av en konferanse og en musikkfestival og har på sine syv leveår etablert seg som Vestlandets viktigste musikkfestival og arena for nyetablerte artister.
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