Oct 11, 2023 2 min read

DDEX to put the spotlight on music recognition technology at summit next month

Music metadata standards organisation DDEX will next month host a summit putting the spotlight on music recognition technology

DDEX to put the spotlight on music recognition technology at summit next month

DDEX - the global organisation that develops and oversees standards for metadata in the digital music supply chain - will present a Music Recognition Technology Summit in the US next month.

The event will explore the many different ways that music recognition technology is now used, by labels, publishers and collecting societies; by digital platforms and media companies; and by consumers and music fans.

That includes the industry tracking music usage, whether for marketing or royalty collecting purposes, as well as digital platforms using MRT as a key component of their rights management systems, and fans just wanting to know what that track on that advert is.

An official blurb for the event states: "The MRT Summit will look beyond the proprietary applications of the individual companies providing MRT services and will focus on the operational challenges in recognising, tracking, and reporting musical works and sound recordings from the point of production to their consumption by whatever means".

Mark Isherwood of the DDEX Secretariat tells CMU: “Although recognition technology has been around for decades, it is only recently that deployment of these technologies has really exploded in the music industry, generating a real need for standardisation of the many data communication exchanges that need to take place for the efficient operation of these services”.

“This is why the DDEX Music Recognition Technology Summit is so important at this time", he adds, "to help the industry start to develop common solutions to these communication challenges”.

DDEX’s Music Recognition Technology Summit takes place on 16 Nov near Washington DC.

Music Recognition Technology Summit
The Music Recognition Technology Summit will explore operational issues relating to the various deployments of MRT across the music industry
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