Apr 1, 2019 1 min read

Drake turns the O2 into the O3, dog

The O2 Arena in London has changed its name to ‘The O3’ in a very literal reference to a line in Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’. The rapper starts a seven night residency at the venue tonight.

On the 2018 track, Drake raps, “You know me, turn the O2 into the O3, dog”. There are various theories as to what exactly he means by this, mostly laboured and stupid. Anyway, spotting an opportunity, The O2 is now actually The O3. For the coming week at least. They’ve changed the sign above the front door and everything. I don’t know if Drake got up a ladder personally, but I’d hope so.

As well as being the name of the venue’s sponsor, O2 is also the molecular formula for oxygen, of course, which is required to put on a great rap show (and also just to breath in general). Now the venue is named after ozone (ie O3), the atmospheric protective layer around the earth best known for having a big hole in it.

So maybe this is all a sneaky reference to that time Travis Scott fell into a big hole at a Drake show at The O2 in 2017. Is it an omen? I don’t know, but I did tell you these theories were laboured and stupid, didn’t I?

Actually, most people seem to think Drake just means the line in a kind of ‘Spinal Tap’ “it’s one louder” kind of way, which is the theory I favour because it’s simple. And stupid.

Obviously, it being 1 Apr, you’d be right for suspecting this whole gimmick is just some kind of weak April Fools gag. But it was announced yesterday and they’ve actually changed the sign, so it’s a pretty unsuccessful one if it is. I wouldn’t put it past that pesky Drake to book a run of shows starting on 1 Apr for this very purpose, though. They don’t call him the Toronto Scamp for nothing, you know.

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