Sep 21, 2023 1 min read

Elon Music says Taylor Swift should post some music to unlicensed X

Responding to a tweet promoting the upcoming release of ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’, X boss Elon Musk said Taylor Swift should post some actual music to his social media platform, despite it currently being sued by the music industry

Elon Music says Taylor Swift should post some music to unlicensed X

Elon Musk yesterday told Taylor Swift that - rather than promoting the upcoming 'Taylor's Version' of '1989' by simply posting some artwork to the social media platform that at least six people now call X - she should post some actual music.

The X owner was responding to a tweet by Swift that featured artwork from the new version of '1989'. That artwork also includes a full tracklisting, revealing the names of the 'From The Vault' extra tracks that will appear on the new album.

"I recommend posting some music or concert videos directly on the X platform", Musk stated in a reply to that tweet.

Thanks Elon, we love your recommendations. And what possible reason could Swift have for not enhancing your social media platform with some new music?

Well, there’s always the fact that her music publisher is currently suing Twitter because - unlike all the other big social media firms - it hasn't secured any licences from the music industry. And, according to the publisher lawsuit, it "instead breeds massive copyright infringement that harms music creators”.

Yeah, that's a pretty good reason.

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