Sep 28, 2023 1 min read

Fortnite maker takes Apple battle to US Supreme Court

Epic Games has filed legal papers with the US Supreme Court in its ongoing battle with Apple over the tech giant’s App Store rules

Fortnite maker takes Apple battle to US Supreme Court

Fortnite maker Epic Games has asked the US Supreme Court to review its legal battle with Apple.

Epic objects to Apple's App Store rules that force app-makers to use the tech giant's commission charging transactions system when taking in-app payments on iOS devices. Another rule, often called the anti-steering provision, stops companies from sign-posting other payment options online from within their apps.

Plenty of app-makers, including Spotify, have complained about the Apple rules. Spotify has urged law-makers to intervene and force a change to Apple's policies. Meanwhile, Epic filed lawsuits in multiple countries, accusing Apple of anti-competitive conduct.

The highest profile legal case was in California where the judge concluded that Apple's App Store rules do not violate US-wide federal competition law. Although, she also said that the anti-steering provision did contravene unfair competition law in California.

As a result, neither Epic nor Apple were happy with the judgement, and both appealed to the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court, which pretty much upheld the lower court's ruling.

Hence why Epic has now taken the case to the Supreme Court. Apple is also expected to file an appeal with the top court later today.

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