Oct 5, 2023 1 min read

Geri Halliwell too busy as a children's author for a Spice Girls reunion

A Spice Girls reunion to mark the group’s 30th anniversary next year seems unlikely following comments made by Geri Halliwell in a new interview

Geri Halliwell too busy as a children's author for a Spice Girls reunion

Geri Halliwell has seemingly put an end to any hopes that the Spice Girls might reunite next year to mark the 30th anniversary of their formation in 1994. Because she, for one, is too busy being a children's author.

There was speculation earlier this year as to how the 30th anniversary of the Spice Girls might be celebrated. After Mel C performed a solo spot at the Glastonbury Festival and said “all of the Spice Girls would like to play Glasto, that is the truth”, some wondered if that might be where a reunion would occur in 2024.

But in a subsequent interview with the Sunday Times, Halliwell said no such thing had been discussed. Though The Sun then cited sources saying there had been some conversations about some kind of reunion tour taking place sometime next year, possibly alongside a planned 30th anniversary documentary.

However, in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight this week, Halliwell said: "For me, the Spice Girls belongs to the whole world - I’m really proud of that and I love being with the girls. But I think, when I engage with something, it’s like any project ... I want to give it my 150 percent".

And giving any project 150 percent of your attention is tricky at the best of times, but all the more so when you're busy promoting your new children's book 'Rosie Frost And The Falcon Queen'.

So, a reunion in 2024 doesn't seem likely. But, Halliwell added, “there will be a time when the … girls get together and that will be amazing and I always love [it] - we have such fun".

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