Nov 3, 2023 1 min read

Glastonbury delays ticket on-sale by two weeks

The first batch of Glastonbury tickets was due to go on sale yesterday but organisers shifted everything back by two weeks due to issues with registratons

Glastonbury delays ticket on-sale by two weeks

The Glastonbury Festival has pushed back the on-sale date for tickets to next year’s edition by two weeks. Coach and admission bundles were set to go on sale yesterday evening, followed by general admission tickets this Sunday.

The last minute shift in dates is down to issues in relation to a recent call for ticket buyers who registered with the festival before 2020 to re-confirm their details in order to avoid being deleted from its See Tickets-managed system. The deadline for that was 30 Oct.

However, it seems that after the deadline passed, many people were surprised to receive emails saying that their details were being removed. Some individuals affected by this have complained online that they got that email despite going through the re-confirmation process.

“Unfortunately”, says the festival in a statement, “it has come to light that some individuals hoping to buy tickets for 2024 have discovered after Monday's registration deadline that they are no longer registered, despite believing they were”.

“Out of fairness to those individuals, we will be re-opening the window for registration at twelve noon on Monday, 6 Nov”, it went on. “It will remain open until 5pm on Monday, 13 Nov”.

It is unclear how many individuals were affected by the mix up. If you’re planning to purchase tickets for next year, it’s probably a good idea to go to and double check that your details remain on file.

The delay means that coach and festival ticket bundles will now go on sale at 6pm on 16 Nov, followed by general admission tickets at 9am on 19 Nov.

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