Oct 19, 2023 1 min read

Goldmach Sachs CEO turns his back on DJ career

Goldmach Sachs CEO David Solomon has retired from DJing after a number of high profile gigs. He reportedly made the decision a year ago, after media attention began to irritate staff at the investment bank

Goldmach Sachs CEO turns his back on DJ career
(Credit: Instagram/djdsolmusic)

David Solomon has retired as a DJ. For the foreseeable future, he will only be known as CEO of investment bank Goldman Sachs.

The banker has accepted a number of high profile DJing gigs in recent years - including last year’s Lollapalooza festival - and donated his income from the side-hustle to charities working to support people living with addictions.

However, according to the Financial Times, bankers at Goldman Sachs became irritated by his DJing, and particularly the media attention it received. Notably, he played at an event in July 2020 headlined by The Chainsmokers that was deemed to have broken COVID-19 rules and resulted in a $20,000 fine for the promoters.

Solomon apparently made his decision to step back from DJing a year ago, but it has only just come to light now - seemingly no one noticed that he’d had no bookings.

“This is not news”, bellowed Goldman Sachs spokesman Tony Fratto to the FT. “David hasn’t publicly DJed an event in well over a year, which we have confirmed multiple times in the past. Music was not a distraction from David’s work. The media attention became a distraction”.

As well as DJing, Solomon has released a number of singles, largely through his own Payback Records label, which he founded in partnership with Atlantic Records in 2018.

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