Oct 25, 2023 1 min read

K-pop group accidentally perform in Glasgow Rangers football kits at Texas show

K-pop girl group STAYC have been performing in the shirts of local sports teams on their US tour, except in Texas where they turned up in Glasgow Rangers’ 1996 kit

K-pop group accidentally perform in Glasgow Rangers football kits at Texas show
Credit: @worldsoccertalk/X

When K-pop girl group STAYC played a show in Dallas last week, they decided to don the distinctive blue shirts worn by the Texas Rangers baseball team. A good way to get the crowd on side. Or it would have been, if that was actually what they were wearing.

Somehow - in a feat of what I imagine was a hasty trip to eBay - the singers actually turned up on stage wearing the 1996 home shirts of Scottish football team Glasgow Rangers. What Texans attending the show made of it all isn’t clear, but when pictures appeared on X it delighted people who sit in the middle of the Venn diagram of K-pop fans and those nostalgic for one of the Glasgow team’s most successful seasons.

The group have apparently been wearing the kits of local sports teams on all the dates of their US tour. Until this point, things had apparently all gone to plan.

STAYC are set to play Wembley Arena on 8 Nov. It remains to be seen what they wear on stage that night. Although, given the bitter rivalry between the different London football teams, it might be less of a faux pas to turn up in Texas Rangers kits.

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