Nov 2, 2023 2 min read

Musicians are shy about admitting AI use, survey finds

AI tools are increasingly being used in the music-making process, but musicians are not keen to tell their fans that they are using them due to fears of a perceived loss of authenticity

Musicians are shy about admitting AI use, survey finds

AI is coming. Let’s face it, AI is here. And it’s increasingly going to become a part of the music-making process as time goes on. Will we know when it’s being used and how much? Hell the flip no. Not according to a new survey, which finds that more than half of artists plan to stay tight-lipped about it.

Music studio network Pirate asked 1000 musicians about their current and planned use of AI in the making of their music. Of them, 25% said that they had already experimented with AI tools, while 46% said they would consider it in the future. But only 48% said that they would admit to it.

The main reason given for hiding the use of AI tools, cited by 53% of respondents, was concerns about how employing such technology would be perceived by listeners.

"Understandably, artists are hesitant about adopting AI in the studio, and also hesitant about broadcasting their use of this controversial new technology”, says Pirate CEO David Borrie.

“It’s useful to look back at the introduction of tools like autotune, which faced criticism in their early days, but eventually found their place in the music industry”, he goes on. “AI's journey toward becoming a standard tool in music creation may follow a similar path, as artists and audiences alike adapt to this innovation”.

Despite concerns of a perceived loss of authenticity, the main reasons for choosing to use AI technology were ‘curiosity’, ‘enhanced creativity’ and ‘efficiency’. It was also during the songwriting process that most saw the benefit in using such tools.

See the full results of the survey below.

Over Half Of Musicians Will Conceal AI Use
In a recent survey of more than 1,000 artists, we found that only 48% would be transparent about their use of AI in creating songs or records.
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