Oct 18, 2023 2 min read

NTIA campaign encourages hearing health testing and tinnitus prevention

The UK’s Night Time Industries Association will today launch the Listen For Life Campaign, putting the spotlight on the ways people can protect their hearing when listening to and working with loud music

NTIA campaign encourages hearing health testing and tinnitus prevention

The UK’s Night Time Industries Association will launch a new campaign later today that will put the spotlight on hearing health testing and tinnitus prevention.

It will highlight the role of the live music and night-time sectors in safeguarding the hearing of people working in those industries who are routinely exposed to loud music, and in educating the world at large about the risks of hearing loss and how they can be mitigated.

Set to launch in the House Of Commons, the Listen For Life Campaign is backed by Specsavers and will work in conjunction with the World Health Organisation’s Make Listening Safe UK Campaign.

"Hearing loss and tinnitus are unfortunately prevalent among those working in the industry", NTIA says in a statement. "[We are] fully aware of the pivotal role that the industry plays in safeguarding the hearing of individuals in various roles, from bar staff to performers, security personnel, and crew members".

"In addition to adopting the guidance provided by the WHO", it adds, "the NTIA will introduce a campaign to collaborate with the industry. This initiative will promote the importance of testing, developing training and raising awareness about the impacts of hearing loss and effective methods for protecting one's most valuable asset when enjoying music".

The campaign, and its launch, are also supported by the All Party Parliamentary Group For The Night Time Economy, and its Co-Chair Jeff Smith MP says: “As Co-Chair of the Night Time Economy APPG, I am really pleased to see the NTIA shining a light on this issue with the Listen For Life Campaign. Hearing loss can affect anyone and it’s sadly prevalent in the music industry".

"Performers, staff and gig-goers at clubs and music venues need to be aware of the potential impact on their hearing of loud volumes and be supported to manage the risks safely", he goes on. "This campaign is an important step toward achieving that goal”.

NTIA Launches ‘Listen for Life’ Campaign at the House of Commons in Partnership with Specsavers to Encourage Hearing Health Testing and Tinnitus Prevention – NTIA
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