Jun 18, 2024 3 min read

One Liners: Katy Perry, Coldplay, Dirty Hit + more

Symphonic Distribution hire; Warner Music x STYNGER; Dirty Hit dance label; Wireless livestream; TikTok x Adobe; WMG and Gaydio Pride float; Beyond The Music returns; Stefflon Don album launch; new releases from Katy Perry, Coldplay, Jamie XX, JPEGMAFIA, Joe Goddard, TSHA, Bad With Phones, 7ebra

One Liners: Katy Perry, Coldplay, Dirty Hit + more


Symphonic Distribution has hired Guji Lorenzana as its first Territory Manager for Asia. “Supporting the independent music scene has always been my passion and I am excited to continue this mission”, he says. “Joining the Symphonic team allows me to pursue my dedication to cultivating the best new talent across Asia. With Symphonic’s impressive global roster, I am eager to bring in fresh voices and expand their footprint in Asia”.


Warner Music has partnered with STYNGR - a platform for integrating music and games - to create a new music product purchasable within Roblox. Called ‘Batteries’, you buy them to power a ‘Boombox’ on which you can then listen to ad-free radio stations featuring music from the record label. Yeah, I had to wade through a lot of confusing language about innovation to work out they’d invented the virtual portable radio. “We’re always looking for ways to expand the reach of music and unlock new opportunities for artists and songwriters”, says Allan Coye, EVP, Global Head Of Recorded Music Business Development at WMG. “Music and gaming make for a natural partnership, and we’re excited to work with STYNGR to introduce new music products to fans inside of Roblox”.


The 1975’s George Daniel is to head up a new electronic music label as a division of Dirty Hit. Called DH2, it will officially launch with a party at Phonox in London on 11 Jul, with performances from Kelly Lee Owens, Oscar Farrell, TimFromTheHouse and Daniel himself. Tickets go on sale on Thursday.


Amazon Music will livestream this year’s Wireless Festival for the second year running. You’ll be able to watch it on Amazon Prime and the Amazon Music channel on Twitch. The event takes place in London’s Finsbury Park on 12-14 Jul.
Adobe and TikTok have partnered to make TikTok’s pre-cleared Commercial Music Library available in AI content creation app Adobe Express. “For organisations that want to stay competitive, producing and publishing engaging social content quickly is critical and on TikTok, music is a must”, says Govind Balakrishnan, SVP Adobe Express. “By making TikTok’s Commercial Music Library easily accessible within Adobe Express, we can now offer our customers an even easier and faster way of producing more effective TikTok content that works for their business”.


Warner Music and Gaydio have teamed up for a float at London’s Pride parade on 29 Jun. Appearing on that float will be new pop group Say Now, plus Blythe and Lozeak. “Gaydio and Warner Music Group both bring the sound of Pride to people’s lives so it’s only right that we team up to do the same for the streets of London during the iconic Pride In London Parade”, says Kriss Herbert, Network Content Director at Gaydio. “We can’t wait to march with Pride through the city, celebrating love and inclusivity at one of the biggest events in the queer calendar”.


Manchester-based showcase festival and conference Beyond The Music will return on 9-12 Oct. This year’s theme is whether the music industry needs a reset. If you want to find out, there’s more information here.


Stefflon Don will officially launch her debut album with a performance at ‘Island 54’ at Lío London on 28 Jun. Tickets on sale here. The album itself is out on 14 Jun.


Katy Perry will release new single ‘Woman’s World’ on 11 Jul. You can hear fifteen seconds of it here. Her new album will be out later this year.
Coldplay have announced that they will release their tenth album ‘Moon Music’ on 11 Oct. Chris Martin said back in 2021 that the band would release twelve albums and then stop recording in 2025. So either that’s not happening or there’s a lot of Coldplay music coming our way in the next year and a half. Anyway, the first song from this album - called ‘feelslikeimfallinginlove’ - is out on Friday.
Jamie XX has released new single ‘Life’ featuring Robyn. His second solo album ‘In Waves’ is out on 20 Sep.
JPEGMAFIA has released new single ‘Don’t Rely On Other Men’. His first solo material for four years, a new album is also set to follow later this year.
Joe Goddard has released new single ‘Follow You’. His third solo album ‘Harmonics’ is out on 12 Jul.
TSHA has released new single ‘Girls’ featuring Rose Gray. Her new album ‘Sad Girl’ is out on 27 Sep.
Bad With Phones has released new single ‘Ticket’. His second album ‘Crash’ is out on 12 Jul.
7ebra have released new single ‘Daybreak’. This and previous single ‘Normal Song’ will be released on seven-inch on 5 Jul.
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