Oct 26, 2023 2 min read

One Liners: Peermusic, Yunè Pinku, Yard Act + more

Peermusic acquires Artic Rights Management; new music from Kaiser Chiefs, Yunè Pinku, Yard Act, Cast, Piri & Tommy, Grandaddy, and Madge x Portugal. The Man; Cancer Bats touring as Bat Sabbath

One Liners: Peermusic, Yunè Pinku, Yard Act + more


Peermusic has acquired Norwegian publisher Arctic Rights Management. “The acquisition of Arctic Rights Management is a unique opportunity to grow our market presence in Norway”, says Mary Megan Peer, “adding the 32nd operating country to our global footprint, and to enhance the value at a time when the music market in Norway is booming, supported by digital sales, early adoption of paid music streaming services, and live music festivals”.


Kaiser Chiefs are back with new single ‘Feeling Alright’, co-written with Nile Rogers. “On the first day with Nile Rogers, he said ‘what have you got?’” says frontman Ricky Wilson. “We searched through some jams we had and this was a song that stood out to him. The band loved playing it round and round, and it must be fun to play but we never really knew where it would find a home”. Their new album ‘Eighth Easy Album’ is set for release on 1 Mar 2024.
Yunè Pinku has released new single ‘Killing Bee’. She says of the song: “’Killing Bee’ was born out of experimenting and playing around in the studio. It’s a bit different from what I’ve previously done and the other music I’m currently working on, but I thought it would be cool to drop it as more of a party track”.
Yard Act have announced that they will release their second album ‘Where’s My Utopia?’ on 1 Mar 2024. Out now is new single ‘Dream Job’. “In part I was scrutinising and mocking myself for being a moaning ungrateful little brat, whilst also trying to address how the music industry is this rather uncontrollable beast that hurtles forward unthinkingly and every single person involved in it plays their part”, says frontman James Smith of the new song. “Myself included, obviously”.
Cast have released new single ‘Love Is The Call’, taken from a new album of the same name, which will arrive early next year. "It’s a psychedelic pop song, full of bouncing rhythms with soaring melodies and harmonies”, says frontman John Power. “It’s a cosmic call to arms”.
Piri & Tommy have shared new single ‘Bluetooth’. They say: “”Bluetooth’ really feels like a new and improved iteration of the original Piri & Tommy vibe. It’s dreamy laid back love song over sunny drum and bass with Brazilian guitars backed by a huge atmosphere built by layers of synths and vocals”.
Grandaddy will release new album ‘Blu Wav’ on 16 Feb 2024. Out now is new single ‘Watercooler’.
Madge has released new Portugal. The Man collaboration ‘Tall Grass’. "I met Portugal. The Man via friends and immediately began to bug them about a collab”, says Madge. “We bounced ideas back and forth for months and collaged together the final product as a Frankenstein of all our virtual exchanges. We have the most insane text trail of messages, lyrics, voice notes, and pics. I feel proud that we made it happen”.


Cancer Bats will be touring the UK as Black Sabbath covers band Bat Sabbath early next year, including a show at the Underworld in London on 2 Feb. Tickets go on sale on Friday.
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