Setlist, the music business podcast from CMU, sponsored by 7digital. CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review the week in music and the music business.

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Setlist: Ticketmaster, online harms, Donald Trump
Setlist: IFPI stats, iHeart, The Weeknd
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The record industry's love affair with DRM
Setlist: Live Music Report, Apple, Stats
Setlist: CRB appeal, closing venues, Kanye
Setlist: Spotify, Michael Jackson, Universal Music
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The business of talking about artists
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The battle against secondary ticketing
Setlist: HMV, Spotify, Terminators
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – Spotify and streaming revolution
Setlist: Pitchfork, Viagogo, Spotify
Setlist: R Kelly, HMV, Rihanna
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The music industry v YouTube
Setlist: Tencent, Kraftwerk, Neil Young
Setlist: Ticketmaster, WINTEL, Spice Girls
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - iTunes and the download boom
Setlist: Ed Sheeran, NetEase, Spotify
Setlist: Anti-piracy, indie festivals, social prescribing
Setlist: UK Music, Sony, SoundCloud
Setlist: YouTube, Wireless, BBC
Setlist: Business streaming, Distrokid, Fender
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - A brief history of Napster
Setlist: NAFTA, BASCA, Live music industry stress
Setlist: Ticketmaster, Bestival, Spotify
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The rise and fall of MySpace
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - Michael Jackson
Setlist: Viagogo, BPI, Chris Evans
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The digital royalty lawsuits
Setlist: Grande, Apple, The Eagles
Setlist: Ticketmaster, Frank Sinatra, Cliff Richard