Nov 15, 2023 1 min read

Railway cat makes bid for Christmas number one

A cat who became famous for its visits to a local railway station is making a bid for Christmas number one with a song called ‘Meow’

Railway cat makes bid for Christmas number one

A cat who has become a local celebrity at Stevenage railway station is making a bid for wider fame with an attempt to reach Christmas number one with a single called ‘Check Meowt’.

Nala The Station Cat has become a popular fixture at the train station, perching upon the ticket barriers and posing for photos with commuters. Her owner Natasha Ambler has now announced that the cat is putting out a charity single in aid to the RSPCA and Stevenage homelessness charity Feed Up Warm Up.

The song was premiered on Scott Mills’ BBC Radio 2 show earlier this week. "I'm slightly lost for words", said the presenter upon playing the song.

"So am I, to be fair”, agreed Ambler. Who had presumably heard it before. She then added that the aim of the song is to "spread the happiness that Stevenage has had, and she's had on socials, to the world".

"We'll start small and hopefully she gets in the charts, but number one would be fantastic", she went on.

The single is released today, which is probably a little early for a track that wants to be a festive chart-topper, but who knows? It’s probably about time Ladbaby gave up on their annual bid for that accolade.

A video for the track - filmed at Stevenage railway station - will be unveiled in the run up to Christmas.

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