Sep 15, 2023 1 min read

Taylor Swift needs her own reporters and camera operators, apparently

As a US media firm recruits a standalone Taylor Swift reporter, we found out that the VMAs had a camera operator specifically tasked with capturing her every reaction

Taylor Swift needs her own reporters and camera operators, apparently

Not that we really needed it, but we got double confirmation this week that Taylor Swift is the most important pop star in the US right now.

First, Variety Co-Editor-In-Chief Ramin Setoodeh reported that - at this week's MTV VMAs - there was a camera operator whose entire job seemed to be to make sure that Swift was being filmed whenever other artists were performing on stage, so that viewers wouldn't miss any notable reactions from the most important pop star in the room.

"How important is Taylor Swift to the VMAs?" he posted on X. "There is a camera operator tasked with filming her continuously during the live performances onstage".

Second, US media company Gannett - which owns USA Today among other news titles - started recruiting for the all important new journalistic post of Taylor Swift Reporter.

The media firm said it needed "an experienced, video-forward journalist to capture the music and cultural impact” of Swift. Her fanbase - the job ad noted, according to NME - “has grown to unprecedented heights, and so has the significance of her music and growing legacy". Which is true. Though I'm still not sure that warrants a full time reporter entirely focused on her.

I mean, there'll be plenty to write about in the weeks when she's beefing with Scooter Braun or Ticketmaster's website is collapsing under the demand for tickets for her shows. But the rest of the time they'll end up writing nonsense stories about how a Variety editor tweeted about the VMAs having a camera operator filming her throughout the show.

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