Jun 13, 2024 1 min read

Tonic Futures to support young music professionals’ mental health

Tonic Music has announced a new programme to support the mental health of young professionals in the music industry. This comes off the back of research showing high levels of poor mental wellbeing among 18-25 year olds working in music

Tonic Futures to support young music professionals’ mental health

Mental health charity Tonic Music has announced a new programme called Tonic Futures. It will support the mental health of young people aged 18-25 who are taking their first steps in the music industry.

The programme was developed based on research carried out by the charity. It found that more than a third of young people working in music have received a diagnosis of anxiety and/or depression. Higher numbers report experiencing these mental health conditions without a formal diagnosis. 

Tonic Futures, the organisation says, “is designed to tackle this problem at source, creating better mental health for the next generation in the music industry, embedding a better mental health culture, and destigmatising the issues encountered by music artists, crew and industry professionals”.

Commenting further, Tonic Music Programmes Lead, Jeordie Shenton, says, “The Tonic Music team are delighted to be launching the Tonic Futures programme. It is essential that everyone working in the music industry, particularly young people at the early stages of their career, are provided with mental health support to reduce and even prevent the onset of poor mental health”.

In its initial phase, Tonic Futures will partner with Beacons Cymru, BIMM London and Roundhouse, supporting 63 people from these organisations over a twelve month period. They will be able to attend free therapeutic sessions, peer groups and preventative workshops. There will also be access to online resources and guides.

Organisations interested in joining the 2025 programme are invited to register their interest now.

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