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Thanks for creating a free membership. We've been writing about the music business every day since 21 Jun 2002, and in September 2023 we relaunched the CMU website bringing together resources from several existing websites, to make it easier for people to find what they need.

In addition to that, we created a new CMU membership structure, which includes both free and paid memberships.

Our core content from CMU Daily - key happenings from the music business - will always be free, and as time goes on we will be creating additional valuable content, some of which will be available for free, and some of which will be included in our premium paid memberships.

If you've got any questions, need help, or just want to let us know something that you think is interesting drop us an email - [email protected]

If you want to send us press info about an artist or company you work with then send that to [email protected]

And if you want to book a job ad email [email protected]

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