May 9, 2024 1 min read

Approved: 7ebra

Lo-fi duo 7ebra return with their new single ‘Normal Song’, which urges you not to hide away when you’re sad but instead “cry in an open field”. The release preempts tour dates in the UK support Arab Strap

Approved: 7ebra

Lo-fi indie duo 7ebra - aka twins Inez and Ella Johansson - released their debut album ‘Bird Hour’ last year. Now they’re back with new single ‘Normal Song’ - a celebration of sadness that invites you to “cry in an open field”.

“I see the song being about trying to please everyone but failing, having a lot of things that need to get done, but all you want to do is close yourself off and cry in the corner”, says Inez. “But then you think about it and say no, actually, I shouldn't have to suppress this despair I'm feeling - I wanna cry in an open field. It's normal to feel these things and you don't have to hide it, if you don't want to”.

“When we originally had the idea for the song, it was sort of a lighthearted joke actually”, continues Ella. “But it quite quickly resonated with us, and we realised that this could maybe turn into a proper song. We recorded it with Jens Lindgård at Gula Studion here in Malmö, and I think his production matches the story and juxtaposition of the song perfectly. On first listen it maybe sounds like a lighthearted festival banger, especially with the big pumping chorus, but then you realise it's actually quite sad”.

You can catch 7ebra live in various venues around the UK supporting Arab Strap later this month, including a show at Koko on 24 May.

🎧 Listen to ‘Normal Song’ below

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