Oct 24, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Atka

Atka is set to release her debut EP ‘The Eye In The Ashen Sky’ next month. Out now, the latest single from it, is the literature-influenced ‘The Eye In The Sky’

Approved: Atka

Now London based, via rural Germany and the Gold Coast, Atka says she generally writes music while on the move, which makes sense when you hear it. Her songs have a cinematic, late night journey feel.

Influence-wise, she cites Joy Division and Kraftwerk, and while these are both apparent, filtered through her own mind these take on a more dreamlike mood, somewhat akin to Ethel Cain at her most melancholy, creating a perfect sound for the arrival of colder weather.

Following on from previous singles ‘Desiring Machines’ and ‘Lenny’, out now is ‘Eye In The Sky’. The song is inspired by three novels - Philip K Dick's ‘The Eye In The Sky’, Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘The Eye’ and Aldous Huxley's ‘Brave New World’ - exploring the loss of self in a world where we are constantly viewed by others in various ways.

Atka’s debut EP ‘The Eye Against The Ashen Sky’ is out on 3 Nov and you can catch her supporting Lucrecia Dalt at Studio 9294 in London on 7 Nov.

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