Feb 6, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Bingo Fury

Set to release his debut album ‘Bats Feet For A Widow’ later this month, Bingo Fury returns with new single ‘Mr Stark’, showing of his experimental mix of post-punk, jazz and classic singer-songwriter influences

Approved: Bingo Fury

Blending jazz, no wave and classic singer songwriter influences, Bingo Fury is set to release his debut album ‘Bats Feet For A Widow’ on 16 Feb. 

On his slightly unusual range of influences, he explains, “I was bored of experimental music just being dissonant or atonal – a lot of the people I was influenced by really challenged me but also had a euphoric atmosphere to their output”.

Out now is the latest single from the album, ‘Mr Stark’, which came together during a recording session at a church in Bristol.

"’Mr Stark’ was a half-preconceived, half-improvised song that we pieced together in the church as we were recording”, he says. “I was sent off to the local park to write lyrics and a vocal melody the day we recorded it”. 

“I hate writing this way, without being able to meticulously iron out the creases”, he adds. “In hindsight, the spontaneity added an urgency to the song, which made it more infectious than it might have been if it were more considered”.

You can catch Bingo Fury on tour with Folly Group next month, followed by headline dates in April.

Watch the video for ‘Mr Stark’ here:

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