Sep 7, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Delilah Holliday – Liquid Pearl

Skinny Girl Diet frontwoman Delilah Holliday returns with her signature dark textured electronic sonic palette.

Approved: Delilah Holliday – Liquid Pearl

Having released her latest EP ‘Invaluable Vol 1’ in July, Delilah Holliday has revealed that she will put out volume two in November. Out now is the first single from it, ‘Liquid Pearl’.

Best known as frontwoman of punk band Skinny Girl Diet, Holliday’s solo work uses a decidedly different sonic palette, with dark electronic textures allowing her to explore a different side of her creativity.

“The first part of the EP is very downtempo”, she says. “It's got a couple of little uppers in it, but it's sort of introducing you to the quest you're gonna go on. The second part is like the wild ride and then you start going downhill. And it screeches to a stop when you remember who you are again”.

Both parts of the EP were co-written and co-produced with Raphael Ninot. Of the new single, she says: “’Liquid Pearl’ references fossil fuels and global warming. When the chorus goes ‘Your mother’s gone / She wouldn’t want to see you like this’ and then ‘She’s reclaiming love / Taking back what’s hers’, I’m talking about Mother Earth. I was reading about the melting of permafrost and it freaked me out! So that made it into the song’s wider discussion”.

‘Invaluable Vol 2’ is set for release on 3 Nov through One Little Independent Records. You can catch her live headlining Hackney Social in London on 9 Nov, before heading out on tour supporting Georgia later the same month.

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