Sep 5, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Duvet

Post-punk band Duvet are set to release a double A-side seven-inch single through Feart Of Missing Out Records next month

Approved: Duvet

Having self-released a handful of jagged post-punk singles over the last year, Duvet are set to release a double A-side seven-inch through Fear Of Missing Out Records next month. It features the songs ‘Girlcow’ and ‘Sweaty Dog’, the first of which is out now.

"'Girlcow' is a song that includes a bit of fictional storytelling about a confident cowboy pursuing a playgirl bunny type character”, say the band. “The lyrics are a bit scattered, stream of consciousness and all over the place, with the verse and chorus switching from the two perspectives”.

“Given that”, they go on, “it only felt natural to write something that’s quite erratic to go with the words. It’s a very up and down song and that was kind of our intent, to put together something that’s slightly nauseating but still catchy”.

Guitarist Tamsin Stephens adds: “We all mutually find cowboys quite funny. I think we all live through cowboys somehow”.

This sense of humour runs throughout the band’s music, offsetting the raw delivery of their songs - something they have done intentionally, Stephens explains.

“The reason we tend to write songs [about] more of the fun side of life is because myself and Grace [Walkden, vocals] had many conversations at the start about how people only expect us to only talk/sing about harsh topics that affect a lot of women”, she says.

“We tried it, but it didn’t work for us. Maybe in the future it will, but we came to the conclusion that we are here to have fun with the band and escape that side of life”.

“You come to the practice room with a smile on your face because this is meant to be fun and that’s why we hopefully write songs that we think are fun”, adds the band’s other guitarist Seth Lloyd. “We are here to distract from the shit things in life”.

The seven-inch will be available from 6 Oct.

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