Sep 21, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Ghost Marrow

Aurielle Zeitler is set to release her third album as Ghost Marrow in December. The slow-paced, synth-based record, she says, is a reflection on “the elegance and brutality of things that are alive”

Approved: Ghost Marrow

Formerly of post-metal band Giant Squid, Aurielle Zeitler is set to release the latest album from her slowcore solo project Ghost Marrow later this year. Originally a means to channel her feelings of living with a rare bone marrow disease, new album ‘Earth + Death’ is an exercise in musical freedom.

Created from a series of synth improvisations, Zeitler - converse to the pace of the songs themselves - worked quickly without agonising over details. It “was about liberation of my heart, for lack of a better term, and seeing if something musical would arrive without my intellect complicating the process”, she says.

The result, she goes on, was a “transformation of grief and despair into acceptance and courage” and an album that became a reflection on “the elegance and brutality of things that are alive”.

‘Earth + Death’ is set for release on 1 Dec. Listen to first single ‘Mother Of The End’ below.

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