Oct 19, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Kabeaushé

Kabeaushé previews their new album with rousing experimental track ‘Banguk’

Approved: Kabeaushé

Kabeaushé is set to release their second album ‘Hold On To Deer Life, There’s A Blcak Boy Behind You’ next month. Out now is new single ‘Banguk’.

The new track was originally created as part of a film score and wasn’t set to be included on the new album. However, in the end Kabeaushé deemed it “too silky” not to be added to the tracklist. Built out of layers of rhythm on a variety of instruments, the track comes across like an experimental marching band.

This is certainly in-keeping with the sound of the rest of the album. Kabeaushé says of the full record: “It’s dirty, it’s incessant, it’s rough around the edges and wonky. The drums are big and they’ll make you move, there’s lots of sweet layered falsettos, catchy phrases and hooks”.

“When you listen to it, don’t try scrutinize the lyrics as if with hope to find something poetic, instead squeeze yourself into all of it, and there maybe you’ll find a little piece just for you”, they go on. “Don’t two step to this, dance! Don’t compare it to the last album you heard, or the one you’ll listen to after, this is not that and it’s not trying to be. Take it as is and you’ll discover the joy in all of it”.

‘Hold On To Deer Life, There’s A Blcak Boy Behind You’ is out on 10 Nov.

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