Feb 15, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Lambrini Girls

Lambrini Girls have released ‘God’s Country’, their first single for City Slang. A pointed critique of the political landscape in the UK, they question the concept of ‘greatness’ in Great Britain and the rise of unchecked nationalism

Approved: Lambrini Girls

Lambrini Girls channel raw energy and defiance. Hailing from Brighton, the duo comprises vocalist and guitarist Phoebe Lunny, bassist Lilly Macieira, and drummer Banksy*. Exemplifying a new wave of feminist punk, they articulate contemporary struggles, demanding change.

Following their debut EP 'You’re Welcome’, the band have returned with the new single 'God’s Country' via City Slang. In the accompanying video, self-filmed around London, the band juxtaposes scenes outside Buckingham Palace with statements addressing poverty in the UK. 

The track stands as a critique of the government, questioning the idea of 'Great Britain' and confronting unchecked nationalism. The band explain, “‘God’s Country’ is our long, overdue call-out of the government and rise of the far right. We wrote this a few months back, when the political landscape had evidently reached a global boiling point”. 

“Great Britain. Think colonial, shithole, chunk of land. Thriving off unhinged nationalism, fed to us by the right red hand of unelected prime ministers”. 

“Despite this”, they add, “we have the audacity to call our country ‘Great’. So we ask you, ‘Are you sure?’ We could deep dive into inspirations and influences but the song’s about politics, not us. We hope the song speaks for itself. Rishi, Cameron, Cummings, Starmer - you’re all on our shitlist”.

Watch / Listen to 'God’s Country' below.

*Not that Banksy.

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