May 1, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Leif Coffield

Set to play a showcase at Wide Days in Edinburgh tonight, Leif Coffield’s latest project sees him posthumously collaborating with his great uncle Des Coffield on until recently undiscovered music that he wrote in the 1970s

Approved: Leif Coffield
Photo credit: Marc Campbell

Leif Coffield is forging a new lane for explosive Scottish pop music, emerging amidst the pandemic with a sound that effortlessly traverses polished electro-pop and chuggy synth-pop.

His latest single, ‘Only Fascination’, serves as a heartfelt homage to his late great uncle, Des Coffield, a revered figure in Scottish music renowned for his contributions to The JSD Band. Originally composed by Des in the late 1970s, ‘Only Fascination’ remained undiscovered until shortly before his passing in late 2023. Inspired by this hidden gem, Leif embarked on a collaboration, utilising AI technology to intertwine their voices and craft a poignant tribute to Des, marrying vintage charm with contemporary allure.

Reflecting on the song's significance, Leif shares, "As an artist, having the opportunity to release this song is honestly humbling. We always aim for our songs to have some deep meaning, but often we just create imaginary scenarios and write with that in mind. This song however, is so rich in my family’s history. My great uncle Des wrote ‘Only Fascination’ in the late 70s and it went unreleased and largely unheard until 2023. Now it’s here for people to listen to and appreciate. Incredibly humbling”.  

🎧 Listen to "Only Fascination” below

👉  If you’re at Wide Days, make sure to catch his showcase at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, tonight from 22:20-22:40

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