Feb 9, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Mortimer, Be Quiet

Approved: Mortimer, Be Quiet

Mortimer, Be Quiet is the musical outlet of artist James Knott, who combines theatre, video and audio in their work.

Their debut album, ‘Dandelion’, was released in 2018 – the indie pop soundtrack to rock opera ‘Apocalypse In Your Bedroom’ – and they have now announced that an as-yet-untitled second LP is set to follow this spring.

Out now is new single ‘After Dark’, of which Knott says: “Written during the pandemic, and while confronted with enduring chronic leg pain, I mythologised myself as a wounded astronaut narrating a plea to not surrender to apocalyptic thinking amidst an uncertain future”.

“This song – and the album that will follow – marks the first time I’ve collaborated with other musicians”, they go on. “In this instance, local flute wizard Anh Phung’s duelling solos enliven the frantic samba breakdown before the final movement of the song. This also marks the first time I’ve worked with a crew on a video, as prior, given my background as a video artist, I’ve done all my videos myself”.

“I will admit”, they conclude, “I’m battling a lot of self doubt around this project I’ve spent so much time and heartache on, but the amazing work these collaborators have brought to my world is the small gleam of hope that I will continue to chase, just like this butterfly in space”.

There’s no need for self-doubt, ‘After Dark’ is an incredible piece of theatrical pop, with multiple twists, turns and musical surprises. Watch the video for the song here:

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