Feb 28, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Mui Zyu

Approved: Mui Zyu

Frontwoman of indie band Dama Scout, Eva Liu has just released her debut solo album as Mui Zyu, titled ‘Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century’. Filled with intriguing arrangements, the album veers between sweet and ominous, with familiar sounds drifting into the abstract and back again.

“There’s a meandering between two worlds”, she says of the record. “A kitchen sink reality versus a more fantastical place”.

The album also makes use of traditional Chinese instruments to further build her sonic pallet and references her Hong Kong heritage. She explains: “I am Chinese and I am owning it. Before, I would resent it. I tried doing things that would make me like less Chinese somehow”.

Last week, ahead of the album release, she put out latest single ‘Talk To Death’, of which she says: “’Talk To Death’ is a moment of catharsis – the death of a putrid relationship. It’s about pawning mouldy gifts for new beginnings and playing with ideas of the mundane versus the extraordinary”.

Mui Zyu is set to play a sold out album release show at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters tomorrow night, and will also play the nearby Shoreditch Town Hall on 11 Apr as part of the Kakilang Festival.

Watch the video for ‘Talk To Death’ here:

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