May 23, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Nice Biscuit

Australian band Nice Biscuit return with new single ‘Rain’, a meditation on climate change represented by calls for rain and then pleas for it to stop. Refusing to give in to despair at the lack of action on the environment, the song also offers hope and pushes to keep calling for change

Approved: Nice Biscuit

Nice Biscuit have returned with their first original music since 2021, in the form of new single ‘Rain’. It’s the second release for the Bad Vibrations label, following last year’s cover of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’.

Driven by a motorik beat, the new track constantly pushes forward over the course of seven minutes. Vocalists Billie Star and Grace Cuell share their thoughts on climate anxiety, based on their experiences of dramatic changes in weather patterns in their home of Brisbane, Australia. 

“We began to work on ‘Rain’ again after a catastrophic flooding event occurred in Meanjin [Brisbane] in 2022, after weeks of constant rain”, say the band. “We felt trapped in this feeling of helplessness”. 

“The song then became a reflection of the psychological impacts of climate change, where you are at first wishing for rain and then begging for it to stop. We changed the lyrics to reflect this, alternating between ‘stop the rain’ and ‘please don’t stop the rain’”.

“We live in a system where action to mitigate climate change is ignored”, they go on. “So in this song we imagined a rainbow ‘cracking through the concrete’ to break free from the shackles of the system to bring change and... the rain”. 

“It’s a positive take on a situation that can make us feel powerless - to encourage us to keep going and to not lose hope when everything is uncertain”.

🎧 Watch the video for ‘Rain’ below

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