Nov 14, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Not Me But Us

Bruno Bavota and Fabrizio Somma have teamed up for new project Not Me But Us, blending ambient music and post-rock on their debut single ‘Nocturnal Emissions’

Approved: Not Me But Us

A new project from Italian musicians Bruno Bavota and Fabrizio Somma - both solo artists in their own right - Not Me But Us sees the pair combining their talents into something new and intriguing. So far there is just one track available - ‘Nocturnal Emissions’ - but it offers a great deal of sonic information about the collaborative project.

The track combines a range of genres, from ambient to post-rock, building on a single synth drone that runs throughout. Eventually, it’s lifted further by some abstract vocalisations - the subtitles for which on the track’s video are worth hitting play for alone.

“We chose this to introduce ourselves as it’s a little bit mysterious about what the project will be”, says Bavota. “We composed it in just one afternoon and with one chord. You've got this unceasing sound of the synth that opens the track that starts building when the drums come in… it has a sort of rock vibe”.

An album is due next year. For now, watch the video for ‘Nocturnal Emissions’ below.

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