Feb 7, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Pao Pestana

Approved: Pao Pestana

With a handful of singles to her name already, Pao Pestana has just released her first of 2023 – ‘San Menace’ – which kickstarts a run of new music from her this year.

Over futuristic, experimental production from Sour Sync and Shevlane, on ‘San Menace’ Pestana switches effortlessly between English and Spanish. Rooted in pop, which grounds the track and provides a melodic core, sudden changes in timbre up the drama and intensity which keep you on tenterhooks to the last beat.

The musical feel of the track matches that of the lyrics, she explains: “I wanted to write something fiction – a thriller – so I thought, ‘what if technology was human?’ The internet knows more about us than we do – how to make us happy or how to trigger us – and I find that terrifying. San Menace is that character; it represents the good and the bad”.

“’San’ means Saint in Spanish,and ‘Menace’ means a threat”, she goes on. “San Menace is a male character, but can also represent anything that can take control over how you feel. This song has so many meanings, because San Menace can be even yourself”.

Listen to ‘San Menace’ here:

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