Jun 29, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Rachael Lavelle

Approved: Rachael Lavelle

Rachael Lavelle is not what you’d call a prolific recording artist. I made a note to feature her in this column as soon as she released something new when I saw her perform live back in October 2021 – at which point her then most recent single, ‘Perpetual Party’, was already two years old. Well, the time has finally come, friends. Out right bloody now is new track ‘Let Me Unlock Your Full Potential’.

Was it worth the wait? Yes, indeed. The shimmering four and a half minute song perfectly shows off Lavelle’s skills as an artist and songwriter. And it will definitely make you hope that this is more an opening of the floodgates than the start of another multi-year wait. Speaking about the track, she hints that it may be something closer to the former.

“The title is taken from an ad that found me as I searched for the answers to getting ‘unstuck’”, she says. “At the time I wished for nothing more than someone to come along and show me the way, but this song reminds me of the need to trust oneself. It is a song about getting out of your own way, taking responsibility, setting the wheels in motion and unlocking your own potential”.

Lavelle will be heading out on tour this autumn, with dates to be announced soon.

Watch the video for ‘Let Me Unlock Your Full Potential’ here:

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