Mar 26, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Rosie Tee

Ahead of a UK tour and new mini-album, Rosie Tee returns with her second single of 2024, ‘Night Creature’. The song brings an upbeat pace to her experimental pop sound, with an immediacy that will lodge it in your head for days to come

Approved: Rosie Tee
Photo credit: Emily Doyle

Set to release her debut mini-album ‘Night Creature’ next month, Rosie Tee has released the title track and its accompanying video. 

The new single follows last month’s ‘Lectern’, a more ethereal effort than its new counterpart. While ‘Night Creature’ does maintain an otherworldliness, it rapidly picks up the pace, delivering a whirlwind of a psychedelic pop song with a bassline that will embed itself in your head for days.

The mini-album is set for release on 26 Apr, and you can catch Tee live on tour in April and May - kicking off with a show at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters on 22 Apr. She will also be appearing at the festival she co-founded, NightGarden, near Manchester on 27 Jul.

🎧 Watch the video for ‘Night Creature’ below

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