May 28, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Sophie May

“God, I hate the cosmos”, sings Sophie May on her latest single ‘Brian Cox’. A grand statement summing up her feelings of being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the universe, and one that comes with a cheery endorsement from the famous physicist who lends the song its name

Approved: Sophie May
Photo credit: Nicole Ngai

Sophie May’s latest single ‘Brian Cox’ comes with an introductory message from the song’s physicist namesake. “I’m Brian Cox and I approve this message”, he says cheerily. An impressive endorsement for a rising artist. Not least because the song that follows is not complimentary about space or anyone who studied it. “God, I hate the cosmos”, she sings.

The track is taken from May’s new EP ‘Deep Sea Creatures’, which is set for release in July. It sees her filled with existential dread about the sheer size of space and her small space within it. Although her use of scientific language also suggests that she can’t help but find out more about it despite this. 

“My third EP ‘Deep Sea Creatures’ includes five tracks that were predominantly written from my bedroom over the past year”, she says. “Each song leans into all things existential, varying from the overwhelming size of our solar system to the inability to escape your own thoughts. I feel as though these songs are a good representation of the most important factors of my life, my biggest fears, biggest loves and the appreciation I have for the world around me”.

The EP is out on 26 Jul. You’ll also be able to catch May live at Camden Assembly on 24 Jul. 

🎧 Watch the video for ‘Brian Cox’ below

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